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Powerful ‘Super Bowl” ad from the National Congress of American Indians

This ad produced by the NCAI is a powerful reminder of the complexity, history and pride present in a culture. It is a must watch for everyone, especially those that see no problem with cultural appropriation and racism by Dan Snider and the Washington football team.


The Daughter of the Oklahoma Governor Dons a Headdress

Christina Fallin wearing tradition headdress

Late last week the daughter of the Oklahoma governor posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing a traditional Native American Headdress. Here are some choice responses:

Native Appropriations: Dear Christina Fallin

Tulsa World: Gov. Fallin’s Daughter Defends Headdress Photo

Cultural Appropriation is Rehashed Colonialism



Melbourne-based fashion label Perks and Mini (PAM) has attracted criticism for its exhibits at the Melbourne Now exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria (NGV).  The work, Black Gold, has wooden cut-outs of a women dressed in what seem to be African-inspired or Iindigenous garments replete with similarly-inspired eye makeup, headgear and jewellery. In the photo cut-outs the women are either gesticulating with their hands and arms or awkwardly balanced with one leg raised while their hands are folded in a namaste

The exhibit has raised questions about whether PAM’s designers have the right to use symbols from cultures with which they have no personal connection